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Child Support and Father’s Rights Attorney in Miami


To aggressively represent dads and alleged dads on an affordable flat fee basis before family and child support courts in Florida.


Within one business day of your initial contact with DADvocacy by phone or through this site, you will be contacted by a DADvocacy paralegal.


To provide a solution, we must first identify the problem. Find out how we can help you through your child support needs.


As industry insiders, we’ve got the best answers to your hardest questions. Check out our FAQs and get in touch!


Our flat fees do not include court-imposed costs. Court costs may adjust as often as every year. We have no more control over those costs than you do. They are set by the court.


We can happily represent moms. We just find that moms really don’t need us the way dads do. The State Attorney’s Office does a GREAT job representing moms. A little too great, we think.


From Our Blog

How NOT to Pay Child Support

You have a child, and you are separated from the child’s mother. She has not put you on child support, but you want to give her money each month to help her with expenses related to the child. You should keep track of any money given to her, and give her money in a way that is verifiable.Read More…

Your case has recently been referred to Family Court Services. What does that mean?

The Family Court Services Unit (FCS) was developed to assist judges and general magistrates with some of the Court’s most difficult family cases, reducing case delays while tending to the unique needs of divorcing and separating parents and their children.Read More…


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