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Did your lawyer run the child support guidelines?

In Florida, the guidelines are the single biggest determining factor in child support. When you hired your lawyer, did they run a few scenarios to inform you what the judge might order? If your lawyer didn’t do that, ask them why. It takes merely seconds to run the math even using multiple income scenarios. I have a client who has paid a lawyer $12,000 to decrease his child support. He fired him and came to see me. The child support will only decrease about $110 per month, and his child is a teenager. Clearly, this case is not worth the investment of attorneys’ fees and costs, as the client will only realize a few thousand dollars savings before his child emancipates. And he makes the mom really mad, for a minor difference. At DADvocacy, we run the guidelines, using several potential hypothetical situations before you pay us at all. Why pay us and anger your ex if child support can’t be reduced very far?