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Establishing Paternity in Florida via DNA Testing

Every child has the right to two legal parents. Perhaps you are one of the parents – perhaps you are not. If you believe you are the father of a child, or need to prove that you are not, you must establish paternity. A father’s rights lawyer in Miami can help you with this process, ensuring that tests are performed legally and that your rights are protected.

Florida offers five ways to establish paternity:

  1. Marriage
  2. Acknowledgement of paternity (signing a legal document when the child is born)
  3. Genetic testing
  4. Court order
  5. Legitimation (the natural parents marry after the child is born and update the Florida birth record)

Genetic testing, also known as DNA testing, is a laboratory test used to establish paternity. No needles or blood are involved, and you can actually have child support lawyers in Miami provide this test for you. Today’s genetic tests require only a cheek swab of the mother, alleged father and the child.

Widely considered very reliable, genetic testing is admissible in courts as a way to establish paternity. Once legal paternity is established, several rights open up, such as:

  • Getting a court order for visitation or custody
  • Getting an order for child support
  • Having a voice in legal decisions about the child

And if you find you are not the father, you may file for responsive motions to stop providing any support you have already paid.

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