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What is the Child Support – Driver License Suspension Program?

Florida, as with many other states, takes child support obligations very seriously. If you are paying child support, you must ensure you make timely and regular payments, otherwise you are subject to penalties – some quite harsh. Authorities in Florida enforce payment in many ways, including taking:
  • Tax refunds
  • Lottery winnings, if over a certain amount
  • Payments directly from your paycheck
  • Money from bank accounts
  • Liens on your car, property or boat

If you are having trouble making your child support payments, speak to a Miami family law attorney as soon as possible, before authorities take action.

Another way the state of Florida enforces child support is by suspending your driver license. Obviously, this can cause big problems in your daily life. You may not be able to get to work or to visit your children. This is why it is so important to stay current on your support payments. However, if you are late, you must pay the penalties.

After child support payments become delinquent, you will receive a Notice of Intent to suspend your license in the mail. If you still do not pay what you owe within about 20 days, your license will be suspended and will not be reinstated until you pay the delinquency in full. The reinstatement fee is around $60.

If you believe your license was suspended in error, contact Miami father’s rights lawyers immediately. You need someone on your side who understands the legal system and the processes within it.

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