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How the pro-dad movement is pro-mom.

A recognition that gender-neutral law, doesn’t change perceptions, but a full scale attack on businesses and individuals that denigrate dad to an incapable idiot is needed. Those incapable idiots you see on TV? They hurt dads in court. They’re funny sometimes, but woefully unfair to children, who deserve and have a right to time with both parents. Idiot dad shows and commercials make it hard for a a judge, often raised on yesterday’s traditional stereotypes, to see the necessity and value of a father having equal time sharing rights, which is new law in Florida, passed for its goal to benefit all members of the family. After all, if dad bears a big part of the childcare load, mom has more time and freedom to achieve her professional goals. The modern father’s rights movement is seeking to educate, so well-meaning judges in family court can be confident in their decisions as they weigh on cases where children will spend significant time with both parents. They need to realize that on dad’s watch, children will be nutritiously fed, required to do homework, diapered, bathed. The old, and likely highly inaccurate stereotype was that every other weekend with dad was a party. McDonald’s, pajamas and video games all day, incomplete homework. This old type of dad was once called Disney Dad, he got every other weekend and Wednesday dinner. He was divorced from what my dear friend called herself, Mundane Monday mom. The one who makes you floss and eat green beans. The one her kids think is no fun. Neither label is good for either parent. For those who thought we were anti-mom or anti-woman, you stand corrected.