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I Got Something Called Interrogatories. What Are They and What do I do?

Our opposition has prepared and served Standard Family Law Interrogatories. These questions must be answered by you and sworn to in front of a notary. Most questions will likely be answered “Not applicable”. This is fine. The answers are due to be filed thirty (30) days from the date of service. Please prepare a draft of these answers and submit them to the DADvocacy office no later than ten days prior to the due date so that your lawyer has a chance to review the draft. They MUST be answered timely or you risk the filing of a Motion to Compel by the opposition which may serve to increase your attorney’s fees. If there are any questions that you do not understand, please feel free to email your attorney. When you have the answers in draft form, please mail, email, fax or drop them by our office. Since the opposition has made this aggressive move, we will be filing interrogatories as well.

For more information please visit www.www.dadvocacy.com or contact us at (305) 371-7640 with any questions.