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How to Set Yourself Up for Better Communication with Your Co-Parent

When going through a separation or divorce from your co-parent it is imperative to keep the line of communication open in a way that (1) minimizes conflict; (2) sets clear boundaries; and (3) puts your child’s interest at the forefront. Once communication breaks down it is nearly impossible to restore without professional help and your child suffers the most in the fallout. Written communication is best, especially if emotions are running high between you and your co-parent. Text messages, while written, are too informal and text logs are cumbersome to search or screenshot if needed. Our Dadvocacy® attorneys recommend that you communicate with your co-parent via one of these forums.

An e-mail address dedicated to co-parent communication: We suggest you open a new email account dedicated to talking with your co-parent and for anything related to parenting your child, such as teacher/coach communications. E-mail is more formal than text messaging, and—hopefully—more thought is put into writing an email than sending a text message. A dedicated email address will ensure that you receive emails from your co-parent in a timely manner rather than wading through work emails or an inbox full of spam.

When choosing your email handle, refrain from any suggestive or inflammatory choices like “freefromher@gmail.com”, “thefavoriteparent@hotmail.com”, or “call4agoodtyme@yahoo.com” and stick with a variation of the generic but professional “firstname.lastname@aol.com” handle.

Co-parenting apps: If you’re looking for something more comprehensive, there are plenty of apps to help co-parents share information in a safe space. Two of our favorites are Talking Parents (free to sign up; pay for premium features) and Our Family Wizard (subscription cost of $99.00 per year, per parent).

Both of these apps are very similar in that they provide a dedicated space for co-parenting communications. Messages are unable to be deleted once sent, and documents such as photos, report cards, and medical reports can be uploaded. OurFamilyWizard has the option of a shared calendar, and even has a ToneMeter option to help you avoid sending emotionally charged messages to your co-parent! Talking Parents is more economical, but you may pay a premium to print out your conversations.

Your judge has the authority to order you to communicate via one of these programs if she feels you and your co-parent need some accountability. These apps are accessible by the court and professionals in your case to ensure that communications are productive and professional.

We hope our perspective on effective co-parent communication has been helpful. If you need help opening up the line of communication with your co-parent, or if you feel like you’ve been subjected to abusive communications from your co-parent and you’d like to set boundaries, speak with an experienced Miami father’s rights attorney at Dadvocacy®.

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