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Getting divorced? Here are Five Reasons Why Calling your Doctor is as Important as Calling your Lawyer.

Family medical issues impact and can be impacted by a divorce. But many people forget to consider medical concerns, health-related financial issues, and privacy until too late. Here are five ways to protect yourself:

  1. Have an Annual Medical Checkup. It is important to uncover any impending medical issues before you make certain financial commitments or waivers (such as alimony). Also, if you are covered by your spouse’s health insurance policy, you may find yourself uninsured when you later learn of a medical condition that needs treatment. So, have a thorough medical examination while coverage remains in place.
  2. Renew and Update Prescriptions if You Are On Your Spouse’s Health Insurance. You may be dropped from your spouse’s health insurance plan. This could result in your needing a new doctor, just when your medication runs out. Some states have laws prohibiting this, but as the saying goes– better safe than sorry. So, renew and update your prescriptions.
  3. Have a drug test. In some very ugly divorces, an ex makes false accusations of drug use that complicate child custody and visitation rights, and may affect a child’s mental well-being. If there is the slightest, most remote possibility that your divorce will get ugly, get a comprehensive drug test showing that you are clean for everything. Do not tell a soul you did this unless and until there is an allegation against you.
  4. Have an STD Test. I have had more than one case where an ex accuses the other spouse of transmitting an STD through an affair, and the best proof is a clean test that shows you were clean when the marriage ended. So, get an STD test. No one needs to know you’ve had a test, or the results, until you need it known.
  5. Protect Your Privacy. Update your charts and privacy notices at your doctors’ offices. You will not want your former spouse to have access to private medical information, and you may want someone other than your former spouse listed as your emergency contact or next of kin.

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