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Divorce Mistake #9: Creating New Expenses for Yourself

Don’t Create New Expenses

During divorce in Florida, like many other states, you are required to disclose proof of your income and expenses, such as any leases, mortgages, credit cards, cell phone, satellite television, car payments, etc. as part of the litigation discovery process. According to state law, you must disclose this information even if you were never married to your ex. You will have to provide a minimum of three months’ worth of:

  • Personal (and business!!) banking statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Anything else showing your expenses

How Can This Be Complicated?

Well, pursuant to Florida law, you have an automatic duty to disclose any changes to your expenses without your ex even asking. Florida Family Law Rule 12.285 says: “Parties have a continuing duty to supplement documents described in this rule, including financial affidavits, whenever a material change in their financial status occurs…the amending party also shall serve any subsequently discovered or acquired documents supporting the amendments to the financial affidavit.”

If you decide to lease a new car or take out a business loan, you will have to disclose this information to your ex. When you change creditors by, for example, opening a new credit card account or cell phone provider, your attorney must eventually disclose the change to your ex’s attorney. They may wish to ask you even more questions about your changing lifestyle or delay proceedings. More paper means more attorneys’ fees and a longer wait for resolution of your case.

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