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What Does 50/50 Timesharing Look Like on Paper?

When asked what timesharing schedule a client wants, the most common response is, “I want 50/50.” However, most of the time clients do not know what 50/50 timesharing actually looks like. Is it alternating weeks? How does it work with school and extracurricular activities? In this blog, we explain what you need to know about 50/50 timesharing schedules.

50/50 Timesharing

Clients often don’t consider the fact that 50/50 timesharing can be executed in many ways, there is no right way to do it. When considering what schedule is best for you and your family, make sure to recognize what is doable and what is not.

You should consider the following factors:

  • Each parents’ work schedules
  • The child’s school schedule and activities
  • The travel distance between the parent’s homes
  • Transportation logistics
  • Any other special needs for the child, such as medical appointments and therapies

50/50 Timesharing on Paper

Below are some 50/50 weekly options and what they look like on paper:



No matter which schedule you choose, remember to make sure you can actually exercise your timesharing and you are not counting on a third party to do the heavy lifting just to say you have equal time with your children. Children need both parents, but quality time over the quantity of time is always key. Also be sure to carve out holidays, birthdays, and vacations from the regular schedule to ensure that everyone can plan ahead for those special events.

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