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Unbundled Legal Services and How Can it Help you to Save Money

Did you know that when hiring an attorney, you do not need to hire them to handle your entire case? Unbundled legal services means you can get help where you need and want it most and at a price you can afford. Attorneys under this service are limited in their involvement and only do parts of the case that the client and attorney agree too. With Unbundled Legal Services you remain in control of your case but have the assistance of legal representation.

  • By offering unbundled legal services you will be able to have an attorney for what you need
    • Most people cannot afford an attorney and therefore choose to be unrepresented. By having Unbundled legal services, you can have representation and save money where you can.
  • With unbundled legal services you are in charge of your case.
    • The attorney is not taking on the full responsibility of your case and does not handle your complete case.
  • With unbundled legal services you can complete some tasks yourself saving money where you can.
    • For example, let’s say you have mediation and you are comfortable representing yourself at mediation, why not meet with an attorney before your mediation and learn about your rights. This is way cheaper than having an attorney representing you throughout the entire process.
  • Some examples of unbundled legal services:
    • Drafting Documents and Settlement Offers
    • Legal Advice
    • Court/Mediation Preparation
    • Document Organization
  • Unbundled legal services does not mean free legal services
    • We will price you according to what services you like.