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Child Custody and Fathers’ Rights

The days where child custody automatically went to the mother are over. Today, courts take the rights of the father into consideration just as much as the rights of the mother. More importantly, the well-being of the child is the number one priority when making decisions about child custody.

This shift occurred over the past few decades due to several trends, according to Lawyers.com, including:

  • Fathers’ rights movement
  • Outdated gender stereotypes
  • Gender equality

Now, if child custody matters make it to the court, the court bases its decision on what is best for the welfare of the child. Factors the court considers when making this evaluation include:

  • Preferences of both the child and the parents
  • Child’s current primary caretaker
  • Physical and mental health of the parents and child
  • Child’s relationships with parents and other family members
  • Any occurrences of abuse – physical, sexual, drug or other
  • Which parent provides the greatest stability for the child

Remember, you have the same rights to your child as the mother does. Do not assume that you will not be able to gain custody simply because you are the father.

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