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Why we don’t represent moms (or jerks who refuse to pay.)

We actually have several moms who are our clients, but statistically speaking, the “custodial parent” under the old law is usually mom. Because custodial parents have the right to free child support enforcement services as part of the Social Security Act in every single state (and territory) of the USA, we prefer to send moms over there rather than see them spend good money after bad chasing child support from a jerk who is refusing to pay. I think any time you hire a lawyer, you have to consider your return on investment, and often using private attorneys to chase child support is a bad deal for the custodial parent, the recovery rarely exceeds the cost of a lawyer. I personally abhor any attorney who did NOT advise a custodial parent (either mom or dad) of their entitlement to use this free service before being retained. The service is free, and can provide many services a private attorney cannot provide. Where the dad is one of those jerks who is refusing to pay, state funded child support enforcement offices are the best places for mom to get help forcing him to pay with one caveat: Where a high-wealth dad is hiding assets in an attempt to reduce or avoid support, a private attorney may be useful, as private attorneys are better suited to deal with high wealth cases involving hidden assets overseas or buried in corporations or under the ownership of third parties. We don’t work with those dads. They just aren’t worth losing our reputation over.