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Breaking News on Equal Time sharing. It Passed, Today, April 18, 2013

The equal time sharing bill passed the Florida legislature late this afternoon. It calls for equal time sharing by parents to be presumptive law in newly filed cases. Simply put, this is a huge victory for the millions of loving, involved fathers in our state. The vote was by a large margin and it is expected the Governor will sign the bill into law very soon. Many DADvocacy clients have emailed us with questions about their case, and whether or not any pleadings in pending cases should be amended. We will be updating each client who is affected by this legislation by email or phone in the coming few weeks. Please be patient with us, and get back to us immediately if we reach out to you. While we have been monitoring this legislation very closely for months, it will affect each case in a different way, and much legal analysis is being done now both within DADvocacy, and in conference with members of the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar. We use this knowledge to bring the best possible results for our clients. Thanks for taking the time to stay updated.

The DADvocacy Team