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Equal Time sharing Presumption Passed the Florida Senate Yesterday. What This Means

NOTE: This bill still must clear the House, and it is expected to do so as the early versions of the bill passed the House committees by a large margin. It is also expected that Governor Scott will sign this bill into law . For those who have been following the legislation, the equal time sharing presumption was added to a very heavily fought anti-alimony bill, only very recently. A presumption in favor of equal time sharing means that rather than one parent or the other obtaining custody of minor children, the parties will receive equal time with their children, unless there is a showing of unfitness of one parent. Currently, the law does not favor a particular schedule, but it does allow a downward adjustment of child support for a parent who spends a significant number of overnights with his child. As of 2008, the Florida legislature also eliminated the word custody and replaced both custody and visitation with time sharing, and created a complex mathematical formula to handle child support. An equal time sharing presumption will eliminate the payment of ANY child support from one parent to the other when both parents have similar incomes. We will continue to update this blog with information as we learn it from the the Florida legislature and the Florida Bar Family Law Section.

The DADvocacy Team.