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I have timesharing with my children, but I am to be deployed by the military. What happens now?

On behalf of the entire DADvocacy team, thank you for service to our country and we wish you a safe tour overseas. There is new law in Florida that provides tremendous protections to you under this circumstance. In a new amendment, members of the military who are deployed can choose to have their time sharing assigned to be spent with their relatives under the new concept of concurrent custody. For example, if your parents wish to spend your assigned time sharing with your children in your place, they may do so, and upon your return, the time sharing reverts right back to you. This is not to be confused with grand-parental custody, which doesn’t exist. This is your parents stepping in your shoes to exercise your court ordered time sharing. Any adjustments to child support based on time sharing remain in place. This law was passed to provide protections and respect to our bravest Americans, and it should have been done long ago. In the past, our service members were stuck with legal standards that should have been used only with fathers who abandoned their children. If you are in the military and this circumstance may apply to you, please call us as soon as you have your Orders, this is easier to begin while you are still here in the US.