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Its divorce season. What about staying together

Sadly, the holidays end with a season that family law lawyers know all too well. The January phenomenon of a spike in the divorce rate. Before you jump on the trend, dads, consider taking a few weeks to think it over. Make sure that you are 100% your marriage is over. As the State of Florida does not recognize separation, and certain ugly things must be plead at the beginning to be considered by the judge at the end, litigation may find you saying things about your spouse and your marriage which makes the situation worse, and leaves you both with very little dignity. Keep in mind that divorce files are viewable by the public and be careful what you say. Certain allegations could cause your spouse to lose her job, and that doesn’t help you at all. Most of all, remember your children. Children who hear their parent badmouthing the other internalize those feelings, and feel guilty for loving their other parent. Subjecting children to this is wrong, and its actionable under law in Florida.