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Why it is Important to Deal with Timesharing Issues Prior to Settling Child Support

It is essential that timesharing is clearly defined between parents prior to agreeing to child support. This is true whether the couple is divorcing, modifying a prior child support order, or if the couple never married and are just now creating a parenting schedule and child support obligations.


In the state of Florida, the courts use the term “timesharing” instead of traditional terms “custody” and “visitation.” Timesharing refers to the time that a child spends with each parent after a divorce. Some parents have equal timesharing plans. Other parents have unequal timesharing plants. For example, in one case the children may be with the mother every other week, with the father parenting alternate weeks. In another, the children maybe with mom during the week and with dad every other weekend, as well as one weeknight from after work until 8:30 or nine at night.

As a matter of public policy, in the state of Florida, parents are actively encouraged to share the rights, responsibilities, and joys of raising children, even when they are not together.

Child Support

Parents are expected to support their children both emotionally and financially. In calculating child support obligations in the state of Florida, the court looks at a number of different things such as net income. The net income of both parents are considered. Next, the number of children involved, as well as daycare costs, and medical insurance costs. Finally, courts typically rely on a standard calculation to determine the percentage of income one parent owes the other for child support.

Why Parenting Time is Important in Calculating Child Support

In assessing the amount of child support owed, in Florida the courts offset the number of nights a child spends with the non-majority parent against the amount of child support owed. Consequently, it is absolutely essential that parenting time obligations be determined before child support obligations are calculated. Failure to do so could result in overpayment of child-support obligations or under payment of child support obligations. Neither of these outcomes is in the best interest of the children.

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