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The New Year will bring change. For some, it will bring a divorce. Avoid complicating your divorce by avoiding these seven life changes.

  1. Don’t Change Your Job. Avoid changing jobs, especially if the change to your schedule or commute will reduce the time you have to spend with your children. If the new employer will pay you less than you make now, a judge may think you are trying to look impoverished to gain an advantage against your spouse. Furthermore, the demands and stress of juggling the new job and the divorce can make it difficult for you to navigate both successfully.
  2. Don’t Move Out of the County: The proper place to file and maintain a divorce case is the county of residence of each spouse at certain points in time. In some rare cases, differences in statutory interpretation from county to county can impact your case. If you must move to a different county, speak to a family law attorney first.
  3. Don’t Break Up with Your Business Partner: Whatever differences you have with your business partner, keep them managed until you finalize your divorce. A vengeful spouse’s favorite witness is the ex’s business partner. If you no longer have joint interests, a partner may not be motivated to remain neutral. That business partner may become your worst enemy by complicating your divorce or by leveraging the ability to complicate your divorce to gain an advantage against you in the business break up.
  4. Don’t Change Your Child’s School/Daycare: In custody cases, stability and continuity is king. A judge will favor the party who appears to be keeping the children’s lives as stable as possible.
  5. Don’t Have Plastic Surgery: Do exercise and take care of yourself, but now is not the time for plastic surgery. If you are likely to be the payor of support, it will be difficult to prove that your ability to pay is limited when you spend money for vanity. If you are likely to be the payee, you may appear to lack the ability to prioritize needs and wants.
  6. Don’t Medicate with a Car Upgrade: Buying a new car can feel like a fresh start or a treat that you deserve. But buying or leasing a luxury brand car (regardless of the great deal you got or the car’s safety and practicality) invites scrutiny from the judge and your spouse’s lawyer. Simple cases often get very complicated due to the bad optics this very avoidable mistake creates. If you must trade in your car due to an expired lease or an accident, make sure your new car has a similar class, make, and payment.
  7. Don’t Create New Expenses: Many States require that each divorcing spouse disclose their expenses (mortgages, credit cards, cell phone, satellite television, etc.). When you change creditors by, for example, opening a new credit card account or cell phone provider, your attorney must eventually disclose the change to your spouse’s attorney. More paper means more attorneys’ fees.

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