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Divorce Mistake #8: Purchasing or Leasing a New Vehicle While Going Through a Divorce

A common divorce mistake many people make is getting a new car while they are pending litigation. Buying a new car can feel like a fresh start or a treat that you deserve. But buying or leasing a luxury brand car (regardless of the great deal you got or the car’s safety and practicality) invites scrutiny from the judge and your spouse’s lawyer. Simple cases often get very complicated due to the bad optics this very avoidable mistake can create.

If you are looking to pay less in alimony or child support, a new car purchase makes it look as though you put material things ahead of your family. Even worse, it may appear that you are already trying to better your dating odds with a new car.

If you are looking to receive alimony or child support, it may appear that you are unable to prioritize needs and wants. Worse, it may look like you will selfishly spend money earmarked for your children on yourself. If you must trade in your car due to an expired lease or an accident, make sure your new car has a similar or lesser class, make, and payment. Further, be very careful when applying for financing. The first place many attorneys look to get a clear income picture is your car finance application. It is easily subpoenaed.

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