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Why Does My Ex-Wife Get a Free Child Support Lawyer?

Fathers in divorce are often blindsided by just how much a family law court can be tilted out of their favor, simply for being a man. Due to outdated and misplaced stereotypes, dads are often seen as less responsible and less caring than mothers in many courts, which prompts those courts to give unfair advantages to divorcing mothers. In particular, you might have been shocked to find that your ex-wife is getting an effectively free child support lawyer, but you aren’t. Why is that?

This disparity is due to the Title IV-D program of the Social Security Act, which entrusts and requires states to collect child support, whether the support is delinquent or not. The State of Florida is tasked with the repayment of government benefits like welfare and Medicaid that a parent has received, even if the parent received it for another child by another partner. State-appointed child support attorneys will show up to make certain this task is carried out correctly and in a timely manner.

They also represent parents who have never received any of benefits in order to enforce currently paid support, with the hope that the parent receiving support will not need to rely on public benefits. However, the State of Florida also represents parents that have never received benefits only on that parent’s request.

This “free” representation is not exactly representation of your ex, but it is in fact a representation of the taxpayers of the State. Mom doesn’t have control over her lawyer the same way she would with a private lawyer. Often, mom is “represented” by the State without her knowledge.

Basically, don’t get frustrated with her use of the State when you are paying in full and on time. She may be required to work with them, and the “advantages” are probably more for Florida than they are for her.

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