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Mistakes Fathers Should Avoid Making in a Child Custody Case

When it comes to divorce, one of the most sensitive matters you will address is child custody. Not only is it a complex legal issue, but it is an emotional one as well, making it easier for mistakes to happen. Although there is no longer a bias against fathers in such cases, there are still some mistakes fathers commonly make that set them at a disadvantage.

Avoid Making These Mistakes!

Child custody cases are difficult no matter how you look at it, but you should not make it harder on yourself by making mistakes that can negatively impact the outcome of your case. One of the first steps you should take is to hire an attorney who has extensive experience in handling child custody cases.

You should also familiarize yourself with the following missteps, so you can avoid making them:

  1. You assume you are going to lose: Fathers always believe the mother of their children will receive the better end of a custody arrangement and, as a result, often resign themselves to defeat instead of taking proactive measures to improve their chances. Do not make the mistake of assuming your spouse has the upper hand in this situation. A judge might assume that child custody is not nearly as important to you as it is to your co-parent.
  1. You turned your kids into messengers: No matter how dysfunctional your relationship with your spouse is, you should never turn to your children to send her messages. It probably seems harmless to ask your children to pass along simple messages, but this is an adult situation and getting them involved in a back-and-forth between you and your spouse will eventually produce harmful results. You need to prove to a judge that you are prepared to be a co-parent.
  1. You talk about the details of your divorce to your children: Older children who are in high school might seem mature, but it is still a terrible mistake to fill them in on the details of your divorce. In fact, telling them too much about the situation might turn them against their mother. You can bet that a judge will not treat you favorably if he or she believes you are trying to create a wedge between your children and their mother. Keep the details of your divorce to yourself or speak to a therapist or friend about it.
  1. You disobeyed the visitation order: What is worse than not seeing your children enough? Disobeying the visitation order! If you try to keep your children away from their mom, this will not end well for you. Instead of disobeying the court order, work with an experienced attorney to fight for your parental rights.

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