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What Should I Do If My Ex is Alienating Me From My Children?

Parental alienation is common in divorces that are rife with conflict. While mothers and fathers are both guilty of this behavior, it is more commonly directed at fathers in an attempt to hinder their chances of obtaining the custody or visitation rights they are seeking. If you believe you are being alienated from your children, it is important that you hire a skilled child custody attorney to represent your case in court and protect your relationship with your children.

How can you know for sure if your spouse is alienating you from your children? Here are some of the most common red flags to look out for:

  • Your children always side with their mother: It is completely natural for children to be a little angry in the aftermath of a divorce, but if their anger seems to be exclusively directed at you, this is not normal. You might also notice them get very defensive when it comes to their mother or refuse court-ordered visitations. These are all strong indications that your former spouse is trying to isolate you from your children.
  • Your children know a lot about the divorce: Although it is helpful for there to be some transparency regarding your divorce, there is no reason why your children should know all the nasty details or what prompted it in the first place. However, if they seem to know more than they should, this is a sign that your ex-wife might be relaying this information to your children in an attempt to widen the divide between you and them. Moreover, some of this information, such as infidelity or financial recklessness, are not appropriate topics of discussion for young children.
  • Your ex-wife is not making an effort to communicate with you: Regardless of how either of you might feel about one another, you still need to communicate effectively as co-parents for the benefit of your children. If your former spouse is not discussing important information regarding your children, such as medical appointments, parent-teacher conferences, upcoming events, or behavioral issues with you, this is a big problem that will also affect your ability to be an effective parent.
  • Your authority is being undermined: There should be some consistency between households regarding rules, which can help maintain stability in the lives of your children. If your ex-spouse is continuously undermining the rules you are trying to enforce and encouraging your children to disobey you, this can create a lot of hostility and your children might act out and disrespect you.

If you notice any of the aforementioned signs, hire a skilled child custody attorney. You should also keep detailed records of the situation. All correspondence between you and your ex-wife should be done via texting or email, so you can provide your attorney with material evidence. Journaling is another effective method for documenting incidents of parental alienation. Be sure to write down as many details as possible, including the time and date of the incident you are describing.

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