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Good News for our Broward Clients: Status Quo Orders are now available in Broward Family Cases

As of February 21, 2019, the Chief Judge of Broward County, Florida, Jack Tuter, signed and adopted Administrative Order No. 2019-15-UFC. This Administrative Order is a Status Quo Temporary Order in Dissolution of Marriage and Paternity Actions in the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of Florida. As the Status Quo orders in Miami-Dade County, the Broward County Status Quo order gives the parties an order to enforce in the event that a party decides to act wrongfully. There are more protections and sections on the Broward Status Quo Order that are not found in the Miami-Dade Status Quo Orders.

As in with the Miami-Dade Status Quo Order, the Broward Status Quo Order commands that neither parent will permanently remove, cause to be removed, no permit the removal of any minor child of the parties to a location greater than fifty (50) miles from the principal residence of a parent. This means that the parent who has the child cannot suddenly move to California when a case has been opened against them regarding a divorce or paternity. Where the Broward Status Quo Order differs from Miami-Dade Status Quo Order is the inclusion of a section regarding Child Support. The sections states that, “if the parties have minor children and choose to live apart while the action is pending, the parent with whom the children are not residing for a majority of the time should make voluntary payments of child support to the other parent, prior to the entry of an order requiring payment of child support.” The section goes on to state that, “…it is advisable that the party making payment keep proof of the payments and bring them to court. Signed receipts should be obtained for any cash payments.” The section, in essence, recommends that you begin paying child support to avoid costly retroactive support “build-up” and even informs you as to how to preserve these payments for credits.

This is a great tool for our Broward clients to exercise when they begin a paternity or divorce. This protects your assets, debts, and your children from the onset of the case without having to play “beat the clock” to protect these items. We here at DADvocacy™ ensure that, whether in Miami-Dade County or Broward County, we include these Orders into our filed Petitions to ensure that you and your children’s rights are protected.

Link to Status Quo: http://www.17th.flcourts.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/2019-15-UFC.pdf