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The Risks of Using Social Media During Your Divorce

Social media is part of everyday life for many of us, including men. In fact, many studies reveal that men use various social networking sites as frequently as women, so you need to be careful with your online activity because this fun and useful networking tool can potentially harm divorce proceedings. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were designed to allow users to share their lives with others and, although this can help people feel more connected to one another, oversharing is a dangerous thing when two people are trying to end a marriage, especially given the additional challenges many fathers face.

That said, it might be difficult to quit social media cold turkey, especially if you use it for work or to promote a business. There are ways to responsibly use social media, but you should first take a moment to learn about the risks.

The Negative Impact

People share a lot about themselves on social media. Whether you are using the check-in feature to let your friends know where you are having dinner or post pictures of yourself at a friend’s birthday party, your online activity says a lot about your lifestyle. Even if you limit your audience by choosing to only allow your friends and followers to view your posts, they can still relay the information to your spouse if they feel a sense of loyalty to him or her.

Here are some of the risks you could face if your posts fall into the wrong hands:

  • If you are trying to fight for lower spousal support payments and claim that you cannot afford it, but use the check-in feature on Facebook to tell your friends that you are dining at a pricey restaurant, or you post about purchasing a new TV, a judge might not rule in your favor. Your posts can help your spouse spin a narrative that will harm you in court, so avoid providing the material for it.
  • Your posts can also potentially reveal behavior that might be perceived as irresponsible. It might not be an accurate depiction of you at all, but legal battles can get ugly, so you cannot assume your spouse will not try to portray you in an unflattering way. No post is worth risking your chances of obtaining the child custody arrangement you are seeking.
  • Social media is often used as a space for venting about the things that frustrate us. However, you should not turn to social media to vent about your divorce or to badmouth your spouse. Doing so can be especially harmful to your child custody case.

If you choose to continue to use social media, avoid posting anything too personal about yourself or the events in your life. Anything can be taken out of context and used against you. Once your posts are out there, they can never be erased, even if you delete it, so exercise caution. If you have any doubts about a post you wish to make, ask your divorce attorney for advice.

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