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What should I do if I am not getting my daily phone calls with my child?

How was your day? How was school? I love you. Have a good night. All simple words that you tell your kids, but what happens when you can’t say those words because the other parent won’t let you? Often the other parent uses the child as a toy, and it feels like a game just to see how your child is doing. Do you call every day? Do you text the other parent to say you want a phone call? Do you just wait for the other parent to have the child call you? Here are some tips of what to do when you are denied phone access to your child:

Tip #1: Text the other parent that you will be calling. Give a time frame so that they can make the child available. If they do not, then follow up with a message saying your tried to call and to call you back when they can.

Tip #2: Text the other parent asking how the child is doing. You can always text the other parent and let them know to tell the child that you love them and that you hope the child has a good day or night.

Tip #3: Screen shot the messages and attempted phone calls, and make sure they have a date and time stamp to preserve your evidence.

Tip #4: If you are getting your phone calls, still document them. Document the duration of the call and what you spoke about and of course the date. Most phone calls tend to get interrupted and/or supervised by the other parent and it is important to note this somewhere.

*Note: Some states require that the other party knows that they are being recorded at the time of the recording. Make sure you know the law where you are as this can severely harm your case.

Once you have about ten different days of violations from the other parent, send your attorney an email attaching the screenshots and explain what has been happening. When going to court it is imperative that you document, document, document. Going to court requires proof and you want to make sure that you are ready to testify as to the lack of communication you have had with your child. Lastly, don’t let too much time go by. The more recent the incident(s) the better.