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Fighting for the Rights of Fathers in Family Matters

At DADvocacy™ Law Firm, we believe that fathers should be viewed as equal to mothers in family law proceedings. We represent fathers in a system that, although it is well-intentioned and designed to grant equal parental rights, often favors mothers – to the detriment of the children involved. Our Miami family law attorneys believe that fathers are just as capable and necessary caregivers for their children as mothers, and we aim to preserve their rights in family court.

We handle a range of family law matters that also affect parental rights. This includes divorce, child custody, visitation, paternity cases, prenuptial agreements, and child support. Any one of these areas has the potential to dramatically influence a father’s life from financial and emotional standpoints. They also profoundly impact the children involved. By protecting the best interests of your children and your rights as a father, our goal is to pursue the best possible result in your unique case.

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Protecting the Parental Rights of Fathers Across Miami, FL

As a father, you have specific rights and responsibilities. These cannot be ignored, and in some cases, you may need an advocate for your rights to ensure they are not violated or jeopardized in any way.

The Miami family lawyers at DADvocacyLaw Firm passionately fight for:

  • A father’s right to custody of his children.
  • A father’s right to spend quality time with his children.
  • A father’s right to receive child support if he is the primary caregiver for his children.
  • A father’s right to pay reduced child support if he spends more time with his children.

Together, we can positively influence your life and the lives of your children. Call (305) 363-6171 today to put the DADvocacy™ Law Firm team on your side.

Serving Dads Across Miami

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Our firm serves as a place of refuge for fathers looking to reclaim their rights. Whether our clients deal with matters relating to divorce, child custody, child support, paternity rights, prenuptial agreements, and visitation rights, we step right in to ensure that their best interests are heard, protected, and accounted for. It is our mission to make top-notch representation affordable and accessible to dads across Miami.

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